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City Tours

For this tour we visit the Moon Valley, the witches and handicraft market, resitenal and colonial zones of the city. In addtion to the visit of a few museums within the downtown area.

Salar de Uyuni


The Uyuni Salt Lakes are located at 3663 meters above sea level and have an average surface of 10500 square kilometers. This area is similar to the one of polar regions, where the white and blue sky com together.  During the first day, the tourist is able to see Train Cementary, now a memory of  trains that served this part of Bolivia over 50 years ago. Going into the salt lake, Colchani, The Salt Hotel can be seen along with a visit to the salt piles and handicrafts. During the final part of the day, a walk through this desert to watch the beautiful Flamingos in the area.



This is a visit to the pre inca ruins which are onfo the most antique and enigmatic archelogical sites of South America, watching along the way the beautiful cordillera of the Andes. This tour also includes the visit to the museum. 

Moon Valley


This excursion takes you to the Moon Valley which is a rock formation on the southern zone of La Paz. Because the mineral content of the mountains varies greatly between individual mountains, the sides of the mountains are different colors, creating striking optical illusions.

Death Road Biking


Impressive downhill which starts in the Cumbre (4,700 m.a.s.l). The ride goes all the way to the small town of Yolosoa (1,300 where you can enjoy the beautiful snowy peaks and the tropical fauna, all in an adventurous ride to later benefit of good meals and a splash in the water in Coroico.


This tour includes a trip to the town of Copacabana located in the shores of the Lake Titikaka, which is the highest navigable lake in the world. The island of the sun is a sacred place where the  Inca Empire was born according to the legend. You can als find this island, the ruins of Pilkokaina.

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